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Top Festival Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Post on 15th June 2023

Summer is here and so is Festival season.  Wearing contact lenses can be a great way to enjoy the event, but let’s face it, festivals are not always the most hygienic of settings!

At Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care, we have over 80 years of experience helping people care for their eye health, including a team of contact lens specialists.

Here are some top tips to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable contact lens experience this festival season:



Hygiene first: Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your contact lenses. Festivals can be dirty and crowded, so maintaining good hygiene is crucial to prevent any infections.

Disposable lenses


Use disposable lenses: If you can, switch to daily disposable lenses for festivals. They eliminate the need for cleaning and storing, allowing you to simply discard them at the end of the day. This reduces the risk of eye irritation and infections.

Extra supplies


Bring extra supplies: Pack extra contact lenses, lens solution, and a travel-sized bottle of artificial tears. Festivals can be dusty and dry, so having these supplies on hand will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Stay hydrated


Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Proper hydration helps maintain moisture in your eyes, reducing the chances of dryness and discomfort while wearing contact lenses.



Avoid wearing lenses overnight: After a long day at the festival, it’s tempting to just crash without removing your contact lenses. However, it’s crucial to give your eyes a break and allow them to breathe. Make sure to remove your lenses and if not using daily disposables, store them properly before going to bed.

Sun protection


Protect your eyes from the sun: If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a sunshine filled festival, then don’t just smother yourself in sun cream, but slap on a hat and slip on a pair of shades.  Even though many contact lenses provide UV protection, they don’t offer full eye protection.  Wearing sunglasses and a hat will shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. When choosing your sunglasses look for styles that block both UVA and UVB rays and carry the ‘CE Mark’, British Standard (BS EN 1836:1997) and have a UV 400 label, guaranteeing 100% protection.

Take breaks


Take breaks from wearing lenses: If you feel any discomfort, take short breaks from wearing your contact lenses. Find a quiet and clean area, remove your lenses, and give your eyes a rest. You can use this opportunity to clean and rehydrate your lenses if necessary.



Be cautious with makeup: If you choose to wear makeup, apply it after inserting your contact lenses. Avoid using oil-based or waterproof cosmetics, as they can cause lens contamination or interfere with lens comfort.

Lens care


Keep lens care simple: Stick to your regular lens care routine but simplify it for festival conditions. Consider using a multipurpose solution that cleans, disinfects, and stores your lenses.

Listen to your eyes


Listen to your eyes: If you experience persistent discomfort, redness, itching, or any other unusual symptoms, remove your lenses immediately and consult an eye care professional. Your eye health is paramount, so don’t ignore any signs of potential issues.

If you follow these tips then you should enjoy a fun filled festival.

If you have any questions about contact lenses or about your eye health, you will find help and advice at your local Scrivens branch.

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